Elite Innovative Technology, LLC is your total communication company. We pride ourselves on offering unrivalled levels
of both service and expertise. We refuse to be just another local telephone vendor or security company that leaves you
wanting more after your installation or service call. We offer a diverse communication company that covers it all.

At Elite Innovative Technology, LLC, we get the job done with one call and this itself saves you time and money. If
you need a network specialist, we got it. If you need your telephone system serviced, we can do it. Want to control
who has access to your business, we will do it. Looking for cameras to protect your property, no problem. What
ever you need, we can take care of you and your business.

We have so much to offer here at Elite Innovative Technology, LLC and if we can be of service to you please give us a call.

Elite Innovative Technology, LLC Lic.#1823, PO Box 734, Mustang, OK 73064